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Artist: Taproot Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Plead the Fifth
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Can someone explain to me why
Everyone's in such a hurry to say goodbye
A rush into the finish line
With no time to spare
I'm not a loner I'm a miracle, so go save yourself
I'm not alone because you're never there, I choose to
I choose to take the stairs

We are all nothing but cheap wine
In a rush to become so fine
Ferment, grow old, live fast and die
With not a moment to spare
Time is of the essence, one step at a time
Don't fall from the ledge my friend, following the blind
Time is an illusion, fifth dimension's glare
Nothing in this life is free, but the complimentary stares
I'll accompany my own, for me
Not you, not we, judge me now jury
I just can't fake anymore
That's why I'll just take the stares.

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