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she goes arms linked with a man
and drives me crazy by doing so
she has chewing gum in her mouth
insolently chewing it, making bubbles burst
Maybe that is why I am so fond of you
because I did not become your owner
Can a man stand that, you spoilt girl?
Did the world change like this?
Eyes painted black
coquettish with glaring red lips
she stands up to me defying me
and grins at me insolently
Did we learn it this way from our fathers?
We have been looking like fools to everyone
New customs have entered the old village
Friends, we are in a fix.
You are a nutcracker
pulling a snake from its hole
my big disgrace
when I get hold of you ... (kiss, kiss)
I'm seeking protection with you, babe
I'm lying in your lap, babe
I'm burning in your fire, babe
Have mercy

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