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Artist: Tarot Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on To Live Forever
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[Music: Marco & Zachary Hietala]
[Lyrics: Marco Hietala]

We live with rage, conditioned and natural, that is all
Another closed page, that's where all these victories will fall
This deadly lure, the eerie song of the sirens we hear the call
We are the cure, we're worse than the disease
Because we see what we've ceased to be, that is all

These times walk over us ripping us off the frames
Only wind stays to whisper all those forgotten names
Of those who shared our tears of steel

Mercenary instinct, inbread domination ready to flare
Our pain is distinct, supressed with an effort of will but always there
Blood crusted heands, signals of fear which we almost can't bear
The balckened sands from a thousand holocausts, we are to blame,
We drown with our shame and we don't care

We walk with madness which we are to enforce
We will be back again on our lonely course
Once again we'll rape with tears of steel
Tears of steel
Tears of steel


We're made of power which no one can deny
Our humanity was just another lie
We'll pay back with tears of steel
Tears of steel
Tears of steel [repeat while fading]

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