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Artist: Taylor Dayne Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Soul Dancing
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I wasn't searching
To end this hurting
But out of nowhere
You made me feel

I cried about it
I lied about it
And tired to doubt
This could be real

You've touched me far too much
I'm letting go of all the pain
I'm into you in every way

Send me a lover
Someone to believe in
Please send me someone I can hold
Baby now
Send me a lover

A new beginning
Someone to take away the cold
And give me back
What I've been missing

All the love that lays and waits inside your heart
It still astounds me
The way you found me
It's almost too good

To be true
From our first meeting
I had the feeling
The rest of my life

I'd spend with you
I can't just turn my back
On everything I've heard you say
I'm into you in every way


I thought that love was only a word
I'd never feel
All the passion I hold inside
Was simply just a dream
Out of your heart you gave to me

I know it's real
And I've fallen
So in love with you


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