Team Dresch - My Dirty Hands Are Mined Lyrics

Artist: Team Dresch Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Captain My Captain
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Tried to warn my neighbors about my inner plot
The girl next door with no conscience what a dreadful thought
Now I'm a politician, not smart enough to lie
I'll cut the space program, and have your check by 5
Please don't forget me, cause I was bound to lose
She said my greatest strength, is my greatest weakness
Some things are probably better kept to myself
But some scared part of me tells everything as if that could help
There is not quiet, no quiet is rewarded, inertia keeps you moving or standing still
Stay alive carpenter, you can laugh if you fail
Don't get behind the gun, just to hope you get killed
A girl with no conscience, fuck right you should be scared
Don't be a whore

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