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Just another "same ol'day"
Picking up the same ol''food
The dinner from the shelf
I got used to eating alone
Just by myself, but something makes me feel kind of tired
Another package arrived with a note
Asking if everything's alright with me
Whenever I call you ask me
If I am coming home for the, New year holiday
*Miso Soup, I feel your loving
Tender care, it's always nice and hot
I'm always a kid, I'll never be matured enough
Never asked for anything
You gave me all the love you had
All the love you gave me, Mom
Makes me want to see you again
Feels a little cold, today
Nothing much better to do
Than just watch TV at home
I got used to being alone
Just by myself, but something makes me feel the loneliness
Still I see you in my, in my mind
With your head out the door with the smile that's so Mom
I always wonder if you're doing fine
Maybe, this is the year, the year that I should go home
Miso Soup, I still remember
It's in my heart, when things are going tough
So I'd never get lost, you would alwas hold my hand
Never asked for anything
You were always there for me
Makes me come back to your smile
I'll always be there for you
When you get tired of that life
'cause life in the city is not everything
Come back home anytime
Makes me want to see you again

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