City Hall

Tenacious D


publisher: ©Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
writers: Kyle Richard Gass, Thomas Jacob Black
release date:
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All you people up there in City Hall,
This is a song for the people in the streets,
All you ************s in the streets it's time to rise up,

All the ****in' **** that goes down at City Hall,
Yeah we should ****in' start a riot.

we have 'em tippin' over **** and breakin' ****in' windows of small businesses,
and settin' ****in' fires!

And then after the smoke is cleared,
me and KG will peek out our heads.
from a bunker.
We did it Rage-Kage, we beat the bastards of City Hall!
We must rebuild. But who will lead us in the rebuilding process?
and the elbow grease to lead us to a new land.
Alright, we'll do it!
We'll lead as Two Kings.
Ah-ha ah-how,

The first decree is to legalize marijuana.
You old ****in' shrivs who blocked it's legalization,

We'll lead as Two Kings,
Ahhhaaa (Two Kings, we'll lead as Two Kings)
Lead as Two Kings.
or ocean dumpage. From now on, we will travel in tubes!
We'll ****in' lead as Two Kings.
(Tube technology.) Chop, chop, let's go.
From now on, we will all be the same... ummm, I dunno,

We'll lead as Two Kings
Ha-ha-ho-hee, ha-ha-ho-hee-ha-ha-ho-ho-ho-ho.
[KG:] Ahh... What?
[KG:] Oh, yeah.
[KG:] Who is it?
[KG:] What?
[KG:] Oh my God... what?
[KG:] Why do I have to go?
[KG:] Oh, God, okay.
All right Parliament, I know this is ****ed up,
Dudes, he's encroaching on my decrees!
Or "leader formerly known as King," but-- uh-oh he's comin' back...
we'll really lead as Two Kings.
[JB:] Rage.
[JB:] Yeah?
[JB:] What? There was no famine?
[JB:] Dude.
[JB:] A toast...
[JB:] Long live the "D."
[clinking of glasses]
[KG:] What?
[KG:] You p-- I poisoned yours... huh heh, as well.
Shitty, city, shitty, shitty, city, city, shitty.

'Cause no one here is talkin'.
'Cause no one here is rockin'.
People inside me are askin' me to blow up City Hall,
Everyone is Rock-'em Sock-'em Robots.

[JB:] Don't, cut that part out.
[KG:] We've got it.
[JB:] Um, do you believe in God?
[JB:] You do?
[JB: (laughs)] why'do--
[JB:] Do you?

[KG (spoken):]
[KG starts playing]
Malibu neighs, Malibu dreams,
Stinky poo, lookin'd view.
It's time for some cheese.
time for the breeze,


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