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(spoken: this is a song for the ladies, but its to the guys.)
you don't always have to fuck her hard.
in fact sometimes,
that's not right-to do.
sometimes you got to make some love,
and fucking give her some smooches too.
sometimes you gotta squeeze
sometimes you gotta say please.
sometimes you gotta say hey,

i'm gonna fuck you... softly,
i'm gonna screw you gently,
i'm gonna hump you... sweetly,
i'm gonna ball you discreetly.

and then you say hey i brought you flowers,
and then you say, wait a mintue sally,
i think i got something in my teeth,
could you get it out for me??
That's fucking teamwork!
what's your favorite posish?...
that's cool with me,
it's not my favorite but i'll do it for you.
what's your favorite dish?
i'm not gonna cook it but i'll order it from zanzibar!

and then i'm going love you completely,
and then i'll fucking fuck you discreetly
and then i'll fucking bone you completly,
but then i'm gonna fuck you hard.

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