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"Eine geheimnisvolle tragische Prophezeihung
Hatte die Ankunft der Dämonen
Auf der Erde angekündigt.

Sie werden aus euern Friedhofen
Kathedralen machen,
Und sie schänden Eure Gräber.

So stand es in der Prophezeihung."

An old man stands on a hill
A young woman in front of him
A dead baby in her arms
A deadly disease in her veins
The sky is dark, there is no sun
No hope in her eyes, she wants to die
The old man breathes and open his mouth
His dark prophecies come right out

Welcome all you bloody bastards
This is the age of suffering
Kill your enemies, kill your friends
This is the age of suffering
Celebrate your useless wars
This is the age of suffering
May the dead rise from their graves
This is the age of suffering

Fire is falling from the sky
Red rain falls on the land
Many people have to die
There is no hope and no solution
This is the beginning of the dark age
No god can help us now
It's our destiny to suffer in pain
Mankind is going to die

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