Terri Clark I Just Wanna Be Mad For A While Lyrics

Artist: Terri Clark
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Last night we went to bed not talking,
'cuz we'd already said too much.
I faced the wall, you faced the window,
bound and determined not to touch.
We've been married seven years now,
Some days it feels like 21.
I'm still mad at you this morning,
Coffee's ready if you want some.
I've been up since 5, thinking 'bout me and you
and I've got to tell you, the conclusion I've come to...

I'll never leave, I'll never stray,
my love for you will never change,
but I ain't ready to make up,
we'll get around to that.
I think I'm right, I think you're wrong;
I'll probably give in before long.
Please don't make me smile,
I just wanna be mad for a while.

For now you might as well forget it,
Don't run your fingers through my hair.
Yeah, that's right, I'm being stubborn.
No I dont wanna go back upstairs.
I'm gonna leave for work, without a goodbye kiss.
But as I'm driving off, just remember this:

(Repeat Chorus)

I just wanna be mad for a while.
I just wanna be mad for a while.
I just wanna be mad for a while.
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