Terri Clark - Working Girl Lyrics

Artist: Terri Clark Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Pain to Kill
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Martha in the mornin', Oprah in the afternoon,
Weddings in the Garden,
Watchin' TV on a sick day,
Tell me, what's that mean to you?

They say I'm outta touch,
But they don't know much about my world
Got a wing and a prayer and a job on the line.
And there ain't no time for a working girl.

Well,they say they respect me,
In the fashion magazines,
Oh,honey all I see is these girls don't look like
Me! Tell me, what's it like to be rich? and ever seventeen?


Starry nights on the beach,
The worlds in my reach,
But they don't take American Express.


Got a wing and a prayer and
A boss and a job on the line.
A Working girl, I'm a
Working girl

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