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Oh, we are what we are when in danger
And we are as we stand head in hands
When a friend brings to light on a cold silver knife
You can stare your fate right into his hands
To his hands
Oh, we are what we are when we'll name to
Be the soul-owning guardians of land
And there's always advice on a cold winter's night
Like your dreams are just an island in the sand
Way out in the sand
Don't it seems so strange
How it just don't change
Things just stay the same as they've always been
Some of us are out to win
And some of us are out just to aim
Just out to aim
Oh we are what we are when we're praying
In our way of seeking some light
May the mission bells still ring of the colorful dream
In the faith that everyone will be treated right
Will be treated right on a cold, cold night.
Will be treated right in a hopeless fight
Will be treated right, will be treated right
on a cold, cold, cold night
Will be treated right

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