The Accident Experiment Holy Magic Man Lyrics

Artist: The Accident Experiment
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Holy magic man come to set my soul free
Holy man making a believer out of me
Medicine for your sin, and it'll only cost you ten
Price to cure your disease

Holy magic man, he got Jesus on the line
And if you hurry up he can ask him whatcha need to make ya fine
Magic man, if you can, with the scriptures in your hand
Fix my fucked up life

Holy magic man with his fake suit and his plastic microphone
Dark hidden secrets 'bout you
Stolen words that he found last night
Diggin' hard diggin' deep at the father's home
Secrets right so true
He can show you what he knows
And he can throw the holy ghost
He knows what to do


Holy man of God, I heard that you're a fraud
Tell me it's a lie
"Well, son as I recall, I really cured no one at all
I sure did make them cry.
And if you don't care if I'm real,
I can still make you a deal
to fix your wasted life."