The Accident Experiment - Mind Death Machine Lyrics

Artist: The Accident Experiment Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on United We Fear
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Welcome to the mind death machine
Welcome to the mind death machine
Throw away the switch and destroy the dream)

High above your mind
Through rusted doors you cannot find
Outside suspended cage,
They decompose your ancient rage
A mass of broken bones,
Pacing an angry floor of stone
Inside a world of grey,
Your skin is burning from the chains

So kill the grind, ignite your mind
You feel so good because you feel so blind
Destroy their dream the murder scene
And throw the switch on the mind death machine

They sound the alarm
If you pull the needle from your arm
A screen of black and red
Broadcasting shit into your head
Skeletons in a pile,
Their prey in single file
Wet frog is dying with a smile
Machine set to attack
Machine feels like a scratch
The blade is turning in your back

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