The Accident Experiment - Slow Down Lyrics

Artist: The Accident Experiment Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on United We Fear
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Breathing like a fever while you're melting behind me
This dirty scene has gone all wrong
Burn your hands inside my wicked flame
You can try to follow but you can't even see me
I break the rules 'cause I made this game

Slow down, slow down
I can feel the difference when it starts to go
Slow down, slow down
Everything around me spinning way too fast,
And you're too slow

I'll smash through your walls of stone
(And leave you alone)
Yeah, I'm just an addict who's addicted to leaving
You in my dust that you're still breathing

And it's pulling me in now
And it's killing my sin now
My damage is done and I'm flying into the sun

Like a bat, flying out of your holly hell
I explode through your bones
While I flow on this escape road
And did you know that I broke your spell?

So turn and watch your town burn to the ground
I was never good enough for you when you had me
And you're too dead to understand me now

Freeze and watch me now
You can't stop me now
Watch out

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