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Artist: The Accident Experiment Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on United We Fear
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Sunlight becomes her sleep
She tries to escape memory
And dream of a life that is but a dream
She lays on the floor and draws the rain
Flowers in her hair smell like the pain

Candle light inside her room
Paints on the wall
Like a dancer that calls her by name

She sits by the window,
Feeling the wind blowing free
She waits for a train
To come take her away to the sea
Flowers in her hair smell like the breeze

And tonight she flies
Away from misery
And tonight, tonight
The pain will set her free.

She sleeps through the day
And awakes under moonlight red glow
Throws off the memories
And scars but they won't let her go
Flowers in her hair fall down below

Empty room where she used to sleep
Lonely bed where she used to weep

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