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Hold on tight
Wrap your arms around me til your knuckles are burning white
All your tears
Couldn't match the bitter taste of all these wasted years

You take take
Everything that wasn't even yours
Wait wait
You don't got a hold of me anymore

In a clear view there's a silhouette
And I watch you and I can't forget
Knew we were done when you locked that door
Yeah I figured it out now
Breaking's what the heart is for
When I see you in a silhouette
And you hold close
Do you feel regret
Keeping me down when I hit that floor
And I figured it out girl
Breaking's what your heart is for

For so long
I've had to bite my tongue but what's the point if the feelings gone
I turn my head
Learned I only see some memory but all I see is red

Don't don't
Say it didn't happen that way
I won't won't
Believe another word that you say


Yeah breaking's what your heart is for
Yeah breaking's what your heart is for

And not a soul sleeps
Another heart skips a beat
It's every note that you wrote and I hope that you choke on the lines
You're wasting my time, another heart beats tonight


Yeah breaking's what your heart is for [Repeat: x4]

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