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I went down to Old Joe's Bar
On the corner by the square
All the men were having drinks, same as usual
And the same old crowd was there
Oh, no...

On my left stood my good friend, Joseph McGinley
Oh his eyes were blood-shot and red
And he turned to the people standing by him
And these are the words he said...

I went down to that St James Infirmary
They had my baby there
She was lying on a long, long white table, yeah
So cold, so still... She was dead
Oh no...

Let her go, let her go,
God bless her
Wherever she may be
She can search, search this whole wide world over
But she'll never, find another man as good as me
No she'll never, never find another man
Who'll treat her like I did

Give her all my money, yeah
Never find another man like me
No, she'll never
Find another man
Who'll treat her like I did

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