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Green And Blue
By Benjy Davis

Green and Blue
Just like me, me and you
You’re nothing like me
Green and blue

This is the point in question
Always rude
Just like me, me and you
You’re nothing like me
You’re not rude

So much for first impressions
I bend my truth
Not to pacify to satisfy you
I wear a suit
For no reason but to ratify you
Oh, you

I know we disagree and have our rainy days
I know sometimes it just feels wrong
When the dust clears, there’s just one thing left to say
You’re my best friend, you’re my baby, you’re my song

See it through
Right through me, me through you
You know the true me seeing through
So much for contrived inflection

And I’ve had my fun
Living like I had nothing to lose
Now I’m done
And all I want to do is be right here with you
Oh you, you, you, you, you


It’s been so long now; looking back we were so young
Oh, the first time that you let me hold your hand
Gonna treat you like the woman you’ve become
Gonna love you like the man that I am

God I love you, you’ve been with me all along
You’re the only home I know
You’re the light I have that keeps me walking on
Green and blue, babe
Me and you, babe
You’re my song

You’re my passion, you’re my reason, you’re my song

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