The Benjy Davis Project - Where My Ass Is Lyrics

Artist: The Benjy Davis Project Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on More Than Local
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If you want to talk about it I'm open
I'm open too my day is free
Once you are out of high school I'm hoping
I'm hoping you remember me
These last few weeks have flown so quickly
So quickly by and I'm alright
Staying close this next year might be real tricky
Real tricky so I'll just hold you tight
And if some huge *** college ivy eatin' stud takes you away
Buys you season tickets to the baseball games he plays in

I will take this chance and call in every time I'm near a phone
'Cause if home is where the heart is
I don't want to sleep alone

If you should leave this heart would be broken
Be broken you are what I need
If that makes me look stupid I'm joking
I'm jokin' too this heart don't bleed
And if some rich *** corporate sushi eatin' suit takes you away
Buys you rings and things that sparkle in the new car that he gave you


And if I'm the lucky one who gets to take your heart away
I will bring you out to dinner with the money that I've saved
I will sing you every evening all the reasons that I do
That if home is where the heart is then I'm only home with you

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