The Black Angels - Snake in the Grass Lyrics

Artist: The Black Angels Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Directions to See a Ghost
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Someday, but not today
We will move away
to a place that's nice and safe
Someday, but not today

Someone, is your King
And you look up to them, yeah
divine in their way
And you say, yeah you say
you better believe her
She gave you plenty warning

Floating on a moat,
yeah, you diggin the moat,
and you say, yeah you say,
"Oh now, bring me joy
lead me with your army
You take our children,
with your bloodstained hands"
You better believe her

Alright, alright
you got my love,
and that's fine

All night, all night
I swear to the highest high,
I will keep it mine
A promise with a catch,
I'm sleeping with a smile
And you're safe, but just today
You better believe me

One night, when she goes blind,
find her where she sleeps,
wake her from her dreams
Shh, it's ok
She gave you plenty warning

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