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The Black Crowes Cursed Diamond Lyrics

Artist: The Black Crowes Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Amorica
Length: 5:56

I lose myself
I forget myself
Sometimes I fault myself
I might fight myself
But then I make amends

I freeze myself
Rain on myself
Ok, so I stone myself
And I might even find myself
But then again what happens if I do

So unzip my pride
Open me up wide
So I can show this to you

I want to shine for you
I want to sparkle too
Just like a diamond cursed
Well you know it don't get worse
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You know that I'll save you time
Your trouble now is mine

Hold me baby
Hold me girl
And I will laugh with you
If you want me to
Roll me in your splendor
I'll envy your surrender
And show you victory

I hate myself
Doesn't everybody hate themselves
I scare myself
Then I tell myself it's all in my mind

So I let the poison go
'cause I always know
It will be there for me

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