The Black Keys - Modern Times Lyrics

Artist: The Black Keys Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Magic Potion
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Gonna get to it tomorrow, but they don't care at call
They're gonna ease your pain and sorrow, but we heard the same before
All my loving friends taking nothin home
And I can't be the one to let trouble come

All their homes are broken, and what are they gonna do
There's no magic potion, their lieing days are through
Love and lust go hand in hand
Everything turned to dust in our promised land

Take away the chain, and watch your past go by
While your lies are red, leave me alone to cry
In these modern times

Gonna scream it on a mountain to every valley wide
It's all your money they're counting, and to your face they lie
Put on your work boots Momma in your morning gown
Tell me day-to-day, they're already in the ground

See the way they explain, watch your past go by
Would you die for it, leave me alone to cry

In these modern times, in these modern times, in these modern times

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