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Artist: The Boys Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on To Hell With the Boys
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When you get up in the morning
Just to watch your favourite show and it`s over
When you wanna make some tea
And you haven`t got a light for the cooker
When you finally find a match
But you haven't got a coin for the meter....
It`s a bad................... day
It`s a bad................... day
When you go to see your girl
In the middle of the night 'cos you love her
And you know it's not polite
But you don't knock on the door 'cos you know her
And she's with another guy
And they`re bouncing up and down on the sofa....
When you have to move your bed
'Cos the damp patch on the wall's getting nearer
And you move it to the wall
But you slip and put your head through the mirror
So you plaster up your face
And decide to stay in bed 'til it's over
When you find out that the horse
On the ticket that you lost is a winner
It`s your last slice of bread
And you burn it to a crisp in the toaster
And the horoscope you read
Says you should have stayed in bed till tomorrow...

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