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Artist: The Briefs Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Steal Yer Heart
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There's more to being famous
When you've no sexual appeal
When your big face looks like the mirror
Reflex (?)
Oh, girls won't pay
I know it'll stay
There's one thing to get out of the way
Escape you'll be a genital general


Oh life's so lonely ain't it
There's nothing money can't buy
But you've got no money anyway, so why don't you try
Oh, got no booze
Oh, just rotten food
Here's one thing (..misuse?)
Don't wait you'll see, be a genital general
Just like me

Soon to be all by yourself
You don't need nobody else
Maybe next time, when you feel low
Now you've got the (?)
Any problem you can beat it

There's more to being brainless
No (?) never succeed
You're wacking so well, the (?) goes (?)
The one place you can get in for free
Oh, couldn't wait
Oh, to masturbate
Too bad, you'll be a general, genital general inmate
Genital general, genital general, genital general, genital
Genital General

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