My Own Enemy Lyrics

The Briggs

album: No. 9 track in album Back to Higher Ground
release date: 2006-9-12
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length: 2:34
engineer: Jason LaRocca
drums: Chris Arredondo
guitar: Joey LaRocca, Jason LaRocca
bass guitar: Ryan Roberts
mix: Paul Q. Kolderie
assistant mix: Adam Taylor
producer: Joe Gittleman
recording: Jason LaRocca
vocal: Jason LaRocca, Joey LaRocca

Cover Art

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You make words of hate flow like water
Cascading down from my mouth
Make no mistake
I'm not good for your health

I'll make your dreams turn into nightmares
I'll turn your mind into stone
When that one goes rolling
Maybe you'll find one of your own

Putting civility to rest
Changing hands into fists
Turmoil easily erupts
I hope the dead can sleep standing up

I wouldn't be so paranoid
If the world wasn't out to get me
I'm so paranoid
No I've become my own enemy

Look over my shoulder
Is my conscience watching again?
He doesn't understand
the means justify the end

You could give me love or your warfare
You could leave me all alone
Nothing stays the same
But some things never seem to change

It's impossible to trust
Such friendly enemies
You can bury secrets deep
But they never will be put to sleep

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