The Bruisers - Gates of Hell Lyrics

Artist: The Bruisers Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Better Days
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When you hear me knocking don't you give a second thought
You know who I've been running with and you know that I've been caught
Nothing I can say can change the way that I've lived my life
When you hear me knocking at the gates of hell tonight
You know I'll be knocking at the gates of hell tonight

So when you hear me knocking open up and let me in
Cause this is not a game and nobody ever wins
I could tell you I'm sorry for the things I've said and done
But I'm doing it again it seems my minds a loaded gun
My mind is a loaded gun

There's a stretch of road I've driven at least a thousand times
It's the kind of road that don't forgive my thoughts and selfish lies
I'm headed down that road again and I know I just might
See your face through the bars of the gates of hell tonight
Through the bars of the gates of hell tonight

I thought I'd found my way out but it's too late to put it right
It's the heart of midnight and my luck's run out tonight
I tried to put the past behind I thought I'd seen the light
But it was just the flames burning at the gates of hell tonight

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