The Calling - Lost Lyrics

Writer(s) : MC GEE, PAT
Artist: The Calling Lyrics
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I´m alone and feeling lost
If I could only have it all
That I´ll be alright
'Cause I can´t see who I really am
You´re the doom the I´m living in
But I know again
Right before I hit the ground

Why am I losing sleep?
Yeah, feeling like I do
Why am I losing you?
And I´m feeling lost

Is a dark cloud over me
And I can´t shake it of I can´t
Make a move till I see myself
Thoughts keeps spinning through my head
All the times that we never dared
What we wanted do, yeah
Right before I hit the ground
Is just like a dream


Distance grows, I´m sinking down
What I´ve lost can´t be found
Although I´ll tried can´t found me way
Nothing´s falling into place

I´m feeling lost
I´m feeling, I´m feeling lost, yeah
Is just like a dream

[Chorus: x2]

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