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Album: Track 4 on Gran Turismo
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This is a start
That I know I'll believe in
So I'm leavin' everything behind
Keeping the parts

That I know I'll be needing
And I breed to be a better kind
And I'm leavin' everyone behind
This is the age

When my past should be gone
But it's just stronger than the aims I have Turning the pages
I used to hang on to
I was young and I have changed my mind

And I'm leaving everything behind
New beginning again
A bit closer
New beginning again

A little bit closer
New beginning again
A bit closer to the end
This is the time

It's a delicate line
To the beginning of what's yet to come
Lifetimes of changes
A strange generation

Explanations never come in time
So I'm leavin' everything behind

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