The Charlie Daniels Band - Saturday Night Down South Lyrics

Artist: The Charlie Daniels Band Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Simple Man
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This ain't nothing but a little bitty town
Roll up the sidewalks everything's shut down
But down on the corner they're still hanging around
Cause it's Saturday night down south

Clock on the courthouse says eleven o'clock
Kids in their cars still dragging the block
People go to bed with their doors unlocked
Cause it's Saturday night down south

Me and my baby on the front porch swing
Tonight's the night I'm gonna give her a ring
If she says yes I'll have everything
Hot dog shut my mouth

Whippoorwill singing in the magnolia tree
Crickets making music for my baby and me
There ain't no other place that I'd rather be
When it's Saturday night down south
[ guitar ]
People down here like to take life slow
There ain't no place they're in a hurry to go
Just take it easy kinda roll with the flow
Take time to work things out

Full moon shining through the long leaf pines
Fireflies playing in the honeysuckle vine
Everybody's grooving everything's just fine
Cause it's Saturday night down south

Full moon shining through the long leaf pines...
Saturday night down south oh way down south

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