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Album: Track 4 on Make Sound
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Stars in her eyes, I'm seeing pentagrams baby
Looked in conscience there's nothing left
Shows me her heart, I see a bloody mess baby
Swallow my pride, spit out the rest

Drink in her hand, I'm seeing double baby
Look in my pockets there's nothing left
She said "you know that's never stopped me
Before" and I think the night has just begun

She told me always look on the dark
There's so much more to see
Always look on the dark side
Just keep looking at me

New york in her eyes, I'm standing in jersey city
Testing her patience not much there
Keep asking her exactly where are we going
Chance of returning's up in the air

Took her advice I'm seeing death and despair now
All around and it's making me squirm
With a vodka grin and she said I missed her message
Give it some time and I think you'll learn

Looking for her on the east side
Where to start I have no clue
I'll keep my eyes peeling until we leave town
Because it gives this boring bright side
Something to do

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