The Coup Laugh Love Fuck Lyrics

Artist: The Coup
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I'm here to laugh, love, fuck, and drink liquor
And help the damn revolution come quicker

Now it ain't safe if it end in fisticuffs
But if you got to go ahead twist it up
So the job's gonna make you piss in cups
Make you have to hustle rent with your pistols up
Now if Uncle Sam bump us in this murder game
We gonna rise out the ash like a bird of flame
Hoping you take action from the word I bring
But if the police ask you never heard my name

Five years old, my lids are half-mast
Bedtime's at eight PM, it's half past
Try to take me to bed, I'll make the mad dash
Scared in my sleep I'll miss what had past
Quarter century later I'm still not sleeping
If I ain't involved I feel I ain't breathing
If I can't change the world I ain't leaving
Baby, that's the same reason you should call me this evening


I'm here to take shots and make a mark
Not just take shots of Maker's Mark
That's how they make us marks
We got to try and see the whole system break apart
We should drive to the lake and park, before we start
And the club smell like cum, sweat and perfume
She's letting out whoops cuz they're playing her tune
If we could we'd stay here til it turned noon
[unknown line]
It's millennium three, we collared and cuffed
It's a world conversation, I'm hollering stuff
[unknown line]
Who's the corporate, follow the buck, I'm just following up
Because like me you've gots to be in the middle of it
Unraveling the riddle of it
[unknown line]


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