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Album: Track 4 on Pick a Bigger Weapon
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[Talib Kweli]
This the cut like truancy
Riq, Boots and me
Activatin' the community
Up in the Bay like Huey P
They sucka free, it remind me of the BK, there's love for me
But the beast got it twisted, I'll untangle it
Black mind is intertwined like the ropes they used to hang us with
This is my favorite ****, I came in the game with a new way to spit
That got you questioning who you bangin' with
Take it back to Imhotep
Go a step deeper like a Poor Righteous Teacher with Holy Intellect
Killer flow for all my real *****z left
But inform the family of the jigaboo that there's been a death
Once again you can feel hip-hop
Underground, still about my glock
Gangsta like **** the cops
Talib Kweli, revolutionary emcee, and that ain't about to stop

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