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Album: Track 5 on Heaven's Mentality
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Man, my life man catch it whether I don't, catch it whether I do
So it really don't matter know what I'm sayin'?

[Chorus x4]
Catch twenty
Catch twenty, catch twenty-two
Twenty-two, twenty, twenty-two

[Verse 1]
I'm comin' out slippery as a trout
Here is my handle here is my spout
Fresh brand new born baby on the planet
Almost aborted taken for granted
Sticky from the womb
And I feel doom
After the scrub
I can't feel no love
Doctor says get the fix cause my body's throwin' fits
Even though I don't know what it is I need a hit
Everything's shakin' Why can't I stop?
Don't warm me up no bottle, spark me up a rock
Almost evicted, blood vessels constricted
I just got here and I'm addicted
Live or die what should I do?
Lord help me I'm in a catch 22

[Chorus x3]

[Verse 2]
Yeah, I survived
And at the age of five
My mommy's off crack
Said she ain't goin' back
And from the looks of it you would think I got it made
Ever since mommy married Reverend Kinkade
But even at this age I feel the sickest kind of gloom
Cause each and every night he keeps sneakin' in my room
Touchin' me and feelin' me I want to ring the bell
But he says if I tell then I'ma go to hell
And Lord I don't want to go to hell I want to be with you
I'm in a catch 22


[Verse 3]
No, I never told, and now I'm 18 years old
Sometimes chill sometimes bold
Girls say "Uh, check him out he kinda fly"
And I can't relate no matter how hard I try
I'm afraid ever since Reverend Kinkade
I don't understand how I'm made
Somethings gone wrong in my head I wish I was dead
The cuts on my wrist bled
I guess that stuff about God ain't true
Cause why would he leave me in a catch 22


[Verse 4]
Yo kid ya gotta live to get fed up
Amped and kinda sped up
You got's to come head up
And just don't let up
I know life's been bangin', boomin', hittin'
You can't catch a break so your thinkin' 'bout quittin'
But listen, the life lesson is in launchin' out into the deep
Yo you gotta keep fishin' there's one who controls who you are and be
Which is a slight definition of the Almighty
But don't get it twisted, He's faithful and cares
And won't allow you to go through more than you can bear
But with all your temptation, He'll give you an escape
So whether you've been molested or whether you've been raped
Or born in the ghetto in a cold water flat
Blind, or deaf, handi- or capped
Hold on deliverance is nigh
Cause you can get your piece of the pie
In the twinkling of an eye
And God can't lie, it's a test, a plan
So will you still hold on when you can't understand?
Will you hold on so that God can get the glory?
You'll get the reward, He'll tell the story
About a person that had a hard life
The stress and the strife
And nothin' went right
And so much pain, didn't know what to do...
But still serve God despite the catch 22


Indeed for real
We tryin'a say, catch 22, catch, catch 22
You catch it if you don't, you catch it if you do
Catch 22, catch, catch 22, but the catch 22 ain't true, ya!
Catch 22, catch, catch 22, you catch it if you don't, you catch it if you do
Catch 22, catch, catch 22, but the catch 22 ain't true, for real, word life
To my man Tubb, thanks for the phat track
We be The Gift with my man Earthquake, ya, and I be the Tonic

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