The Cult - Amnesia Lyrics

Artist: The Cult Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Choice of Weapon
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Save what you learn
Suspicious soul to return.

Say my language is worth,
All my senses are tone
Give my chamber a tremble
‘cause they’re coming back to me.
I was born to be underground,
Out from them all.
Don’t know the enter’s code
No matter what you think.

Save what you’ve learned
Suspicion returns.
Save what you learn
Suspicious soul to return.

Say my land to me
Swap all hell to me
The shock of reality
Lost my identity.
The words running back to me,
Now all I’ve got is care for free.
Came a heart like glue
And turning off and blue.

Save what you learn
Suspicion returns.
Save what you learn,
Suspicion is sure soon to return.

Watch it gone, remote control
Against the world, against the truth, against it all

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