No One Can Do It Better

The D.O.C.


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genres: Hip Hop
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This is to listen to, so ask not a question
But a warning, to whom it may concern
For there is not the problem
I turn into another degree
Causing much destruction cause I'm crushing
Hard like a criminal, and I'm subliminal
Funky, unmistakibly so
It's all a matter of setting a date
Make sure that you keep the facts in mind
With a voice, telling you the bullet's direction
I need to explain by keeping my composure
Nothing but a villian, and you'll kill him
Your guts to a nut, no, I am not your equal
I got it together so clever no one could sever

For me to be The Great at the start and remain to be
As long as a song, cause I was born
Over the edge and you say you want to battle me?
And in the end you may win or be roasted
Close to The One and you'll claim, but that's lame
Without an apology, so next time I'm a use a
It's the D.O.C. on the boss
But here's a christening of what you've been missing
Smooth lyrical gab and I do the conducting
But new to the masses, it's like I'm starting classes
That I'm going, in fact when I'm flowing
I'm different cause I always show flex
To the letter and
No one can do it better (Repeat 3x)
I need to make it understood, the D.O.C. is not a hood
I'm not a murderer, not in the sense that you're a customer
Opposition is taken and that's a quote from the D.O.C.
So if you smile, here's the outcome:
Don't get involved, unless you're willing
You gotta be weary, watch for caution, yo be warned
Capable in any and every
Such is the case before the bass started womping
Searched and found the sound and accepted
Of course with the help of the gang that's Ruthless
MC Ren is in the house, Ice Cube is definitely in the house
And Eazy E is stupid chilling cause he knows, yo
By kicking lyrics so clever that
No one can do it better (Repeat 5x)
Time is dedicated to say peace to the homeboys
DJ Yella, Fresh K, MC Smooth, my homie T-Low
My DJ Dr. D-R-E most definitely in the house


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