The Datsuns - Harmonic Generator Lyrics

Writer(s) : Osment, Matthew Terrence / DeBorst, Rudolf Christian / Livingstone, Christian / Somervell, Philip Buscke
Artist: The Datsuns Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on The Datsuns
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I'm gonna push the button flick the switch today
Cause you got nothing I want
I got nothing to say
It's been 16 days since I seen your ***
Heading to the city
You think your high class

A harmonic generator intermodulator

Wearing next to nothing she's out of control
She likes to shake what she got from her head to her toe
She got big yellow eyes lighting up like xmas
Turning tricks baby
Electric mistress

A harmonic generator intermodulator

Come on let's shake it down
Like that harmonic generator
Here we go I said
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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