The Dears - The Second Part Lyrics

Artist: The Dears Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on No Cities Left
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Two days have passed.
And all I want is to feel better.
They won't be back.
And a long weekend is coming up.

I left the house.
It was just to see you for an hour.
Hoping for two.

I was short of breath,
As I passed the doorman for a second time.
And it rained all day.
I don't have a raincoat of my own.

I then arrived.
Ten minutes early with no smokes.
And I was broke.
Without a smoke.

All of the time.
I thought I was crazy cause you told me so.

It was profound.
Yet the piano I was humbled by.

I touch what you've touched.
But all I remember was your nose.

And I suppose,
All eyes are closed.

Two days have passed.
And all I want is gone for good this time.

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