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Album: Track 8 on Beware of the Maniacs
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I've got a lot to prove, I mean to tell you
I've played the part of cool, that's what I sell you

I listen good, I listen well
You're old and you have much to tell
So come out of your quiet spell

I've heard her scream, I know she yells
I've seen it too, I know it well
So while she's gone I'll entertain you

There's not a lot that I could write about you
Your name is Bob, you smoke a pipe
That's what it amounts to

But we're the same
We all want peace
We're victims of the same disease
You deal with her, I'll deal with these

You sit and stare off into space
You've got much more to think than say
I know you won't
But you want to

You spend your time, you spend my life
stuck in your room
I take it hard because I tried
To get you out to
To have a stroll, to have a talk
About your world, about the laws
That keep you stuck, that keep you locked

I know it's hard for you to change
Before we part our separate ways
You need to know
I understand you

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