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Artist: The Echoing Green Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Hope Springs Eternal
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Do you wait for falling leaves to say
The world has come undone?
Do you wait for falling tears to say
The hurting has begun?

Do you find that you're haunted
By reflections in your eyes?

Do you mind that you're taunted
By the innocence of time?

Look into the sky
Feel the wind blow
(There's a pain you can't disguise)
Look into my eyes
There's a window
(Your hear is in your eyes)

Do you wish to forget the tears that lay
So heavy on your mind?
Do you pray that angels save the day
And put the worst of it behind?
Do you cry when the seasons
Change from brown to white?
Do you find that it's treason
When the day turns into night?

When the darkness gets obscene
And you don't believe
It seems your prayers won't reach the sky
(So you count the ways to die)
You've let your fear take all control
By believing all the lies
If you'd let grace come touch your soul...

You would open up your eyes
To find...that something's right
For once inside your life
The pain has finally died

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