The Flaming Lips - Halloween on the Barbary Coast Lyrics

Writer(s) : Ivins, Michael / Coyne, Wayne / Donahue, Jonathan
Artist: The Flaming Lips Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Hit to Death in the Future Head
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Well, the retards laughed
When the evening came
The 'librium makes them
All the same
And boy, you still got
**** for brains
It's Halloween on the coast again

Well the clowns roll in
And the line never ends
We get the last part
We get the bends
And the bends always last
Till the blast
And they sucked us down in the hole again

And it's Halloween on the Barbary Coast

Well, the mothers smiled
When the morning came
Under the Christmas tree
They looked all the same
And boy, you still got
**** for brain
And it's Halloween all over again

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