The Flaming Lips - Haven't Got a Clue Lyrics

Writer(s) : Kurstin, Greg / Drozd, Steven / Coyne, Wayne
Artist: The Flaming Lips Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on At War With the Mystics
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You haven't got a clue
And you don't know what to do
You used your money and your friends
To try and trick me, but you won't trick me

As far as I can tell
You've created your own hell
And now you walk around this place expecting pity

Every time you throw a fit I can't decide
If you're full of it
Every time you state you case
The more I want to punch your face
I go...

I Still Can't believe all your plastic surgeries
And now it's everybody's problem that you're unhappy
Oh come on!
Every time you state your case
The more I want to punch your face
I go...

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