The Game Ali Bomaye Lyrics

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Album: Track 2 on Jesus Piece

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Get my people out them chains *****
I mean handcuffs, time to man up
Put my hands up? **** you sayin' bruh
'Cause I'm a black man, in a Phantom
Or is it 'cause my windows tinted
Car cost 300 thou' and I blow Indo in it
You mad 'cause your daughter **** with me on spring break
Well, I'ma **** her 'til the springs break

Yeah Roll another one 'cause I'm winnin'
And my four door looking real photogenic
Jam ‘'em on the tire, in threads that won't expire
I'm in a class of my own, my teacher got fired
Money getting long, ***** rate keep rising
Versace outfit cost me 3,000
From the P houses, did it from the weak hours
Selling that chicken no lemon pepper, no sweet and sour
First you get the power, then you get respect
I'm getting so much money I can buy ya *****
Take it how you wanna, if you wanna take it
I like clubs where all the women working naked
Fell in love with a waitress what the **** I'm thinking
Bought that ho a ring it was for her pinky
Uhn, that's pimpin' that's slick
Got a bottle of cologne that cost more than your rent

**** y'all mad at me for
Got a black card, and a black phantom
With a white ***** in Idaho, I do the same thing in (Montana)
Got a thick ***** in Atlanta, got a redbone in the Chi
Got two chains, they two-tone, two hundred racks, no lie (true)
Ali Bomaye! Ali Bomaye!
I'm bout to rumble in the jungle in these new Kanye's
Ali Bomaye! Ali Bomaye!
My lawyer threw them gloves on and beat another case
**** y'all mad at me for, 'cause my belt got two G's on it
Her belt got two C's on it, my daughter's stroller got D's on it
Free Big Meech, Free Boosie and C-Murder
Like New Orleans, like Baltimore, come to Compton you'll see murders
And my AR see murders, that's beef ***** no burgers
I'm insane and you Usain, ***** better turn on them burners
Got ?, ***** ?
Got dope to sell in this hotel, no half price, no retail
You a ***** *****, no female, I smack *****s, Sprewell
I'm on the block like D 12, I got the white, no D-12
Like a little ***** in Africa, I was born toting that K
And that's real ****, no Will Smith, and no ?
But they yellin'

Ali Bomaye! Ali Bomaye!
Thank God that a ***** seen another day
Ali Bomaye! Ali Bomaye!
Got a chopper and a bottle **** it let 'em spray

I take my case to trial, hire the Dream Team
Robbie Kardashian, Johnnie Cochran, I seen things
I dream big, I think sharp
Inhale smoke, Hawaiian tree bark
Humble yourself, you not a G, keep it one with yourself
Run to *****s for help, favors I keep one on the shelf
I got rifles with lasers, swing it just like the majors
Hit you right above navel, now you swimming in pavement
Gold medals on my neck, I call it Michael Phelps
Hoes settling for less, I call 'em bottom shelf
*****s tough on them blogs and never did nothing at all
On the road to the riches, *****es not tagging along

Unless it's *** in a thong, hit that *** and I'm gone
Disrespect my ***** Boss and I'm flashing the chrome
I'm waving the Tec, Tity spraying the Mac
Extendos in the back, [gonna lap?]
Got a ***** that look like Laila Ali sitting in my lap
Got a call from Skateboard, pick 'em up at Lax
Speaking skateboards, where Tune at?
**** with him, I'll break a skateboard on a ***** back
2 Chainz!

Skateboard on a ***** track
No lie, No Lie already got a plaque
Mama got a house, daughter got accounts
Just to think a ***** like me started with a ounce
Bad *****es and D-boys, we bring 'em out
If them *****s *****, we douche 'em, we clean 'em out
This the voice of ghetto intelligence, if you got work
Go to work the work at your residence
For presidents
Word to Muhammad, that triple beam is heaven-sent
Riding through the jungles in that motha****in'' elephant
That's a gray ghost, with the ears on it
Swimming through the hood like it got fins on it (Tell 'em!)
You know I got that work on the foreman grill
Weigh the mutha****as in, made another mill'
Got a ***** feeling like Cassius Clay
Thrilla in Manilla, ***** want it whip his *** today

Ali Bomaye! Ali Bomaye!
Thank God that a ***** seen another day
Ali Bomaye! Ali Bomaye!
Got a chopper and a bottle **** it let 'em spray