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Artist: The Ghost Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on This Is a Hospital
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This one is by the books
Chapter for chapter
Word for word
This formula in disguise
Now I'm shaking watching what they buy
This one is so expected
Line for line
Move for move
This falsity in disguise
Now I'm shaking watching what they buy
With stale words you kick it when it's down
No substance, this is the death of sound
One pioneer finds the new ground
So copy up and break it down
In your town they're dropping names like dropping bombs
Hey product these chords the will not become plastic
You front what you can't back up
Repeat everything that you hear
There is nothing left here
You trust everything
We've lost everything and ducking punches
You cheer anything
False idols they cheer it with you
Sound for sound it's killing me without sympathy
My ears are deaf as of now
This one it has no use
Line for line
Move for move
This uniform in disguise
And now I'm shaking
Conformist spies
Time will come when you get what you deserve

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