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Artist: The Haunted Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on rEVOLVEr
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Kill me I'm useless.
Cauterize life itself.
Abuse and outshine one another.
Last one down lives forever.

I swallow the fear.
It's darkness and chemical time.
These walls have eyes.
A love like crime.

Seal the absence of my shadow.
All my dreams condoning arrows.
Killing my defiance and
unwind the broken wires in me.

She said my obsessions would lead me to hell.
That the flesh is weak - now watch just how.
/ Unheard by God /
Lysergic propulsion. Teen nymphomania.
Neural deficiencies and stray dog values./ Abandon me /
Blasting through the normative. Surrender is useless
it won't take the pressure off./ Inherit the lie /
So tell me. Do you spit or swallow?

/ A dying light / Fading / Why? /

Seal the absence of my shadow / An open void /
All my dreams condoning arrows / Incomplete /
Killing my defiance and / I drown /
unwind the broken wires in me.

Drained I lay. Branded for life. My shadow fades.

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