The Horrorist - Run for Your Life Lyrics

Artist: The Horrorist Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Manic Panic
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I feel the power, of overwhelming doom!
Do you feel the power, when I enter the room?

Everyone in America, run for your lives!
ThereÕs a billion gothic ravers falling from the skies...
Wearing big pants and trying to suck our blood.
Black flies are swarming the dead in the mud.

[Run for your Life - Data does not Compute -
Run for your Life - These are the Things to Come]

I am the essence of overwhelming doom!
Everyone thatÕs near me, I will consume...

IÕm a patent leather freak, on a New York city street.
Just standing on the corner, staring out at you!
The ravers are united, in secret record shops.
Sucking on amphetamines and plotting thier plots!

[Run for your Life - The Earth will be Mine]

Everybody look! Up there in the sky!
I see god... god I want to fly.
Extacy, amphetamine, cocaine and crack...
IÕm never coming down, IÕm never going back!!

Everyone in America, run for your lives...
the darkest hour of man is upon us tonight!

[Run for your Life]

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