The Kelly Family - Break Free Lyrics

Artist: The Kelly Family Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Over the Hump
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I want to break free
with my heart
with my soul
with my hands
I´ll do it all
with my hands
with my will
there´s a way

Oh there´s a way
Oh there´s a way

Life is hard
and beautiful
That´s why
I wanna break free
When it´s hard
I break the ice
when it´s nice
it burns fire

Oh burning fire
Oh burning fire

I was gone and I was dreaming
that nobody like me anymore
All alone under the water and I knew
My heart was still there

I want to dance
free till I fly
With my soul
with my hands
I won´t stop smiling
for my treasure
family and me

Oh burning fire
Oh burning fire

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