The Kelly Family - I Wanna Be Loved Lyrics

Artist: The Kelly Family Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on La Patata
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live ain`t living
one rather denies the true
loneliness of this ungiving
but i know i wasn`t fruitlessly born

i don`t let myself recive
i guess it`s the punishment of my childish
spent my time kidding myself
with stupid excuses oh i`m such a fool
when all i have to do is learn to let you in

cause i wanna be loved by somebody
am i asking too much
am i tooimpatient please tell me god
that you`re with me cause deep down
i`m only hungry to be loved too

you remind me to give and see the reasons
for all these battles and the true self of me
is only healthy when it lisens to you
you`re the endless giving hand and the
purest of all truth


everything has it`s place
every child has your grace
why do i sleep when there is so much
to see
help me help myself


i wanna be
iwanna be loved
wanna be loved; repreat 3x

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