The Kelly Family Oh It Hurts Lyrics

Artist: The Kelly Family
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I look around me
I'm not the only
hungry for the love
my heart needs to find
but I've learned now
you have to want to
find yourself inside
to carry on

Cause it hurts to love sometimes
oh it hurts to love someone
yes it hurts to lose sometimes
oh it hurts to lose someone

So many hearts are broken
so unnecessary
and I'm afraid to fail
again and again
I keep on searchingand I keep on fighting baby
to learn to love myself like a child


I'm gonna scram my pain out loud
I'm gonna run
I'm gonna free myself and fly
Just like a baby birds first flight
I will fall
but I'll pick myself up and head to the sky


It's all inside of you
It's all inside of me
It's all inside of everything you will see
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