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Album: Track 5 on Never Mind The Hotpots
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Oh eye
I know broadbands cheap
but you're cheaper
Listen to this
You were up all night on t'internet
downloading naughty films
but theres one vital thing you didn't do
A momentary lapse in concentrations left a gap
now your whole hard drive is up the wall
Oh a trojan horse has entered
A worm is in C drive
I told you all about McAfee
It hasn't taken long
and now I've written you this song
before you wit' download is what for dee?
Get thee sen a firewall
Ger thee sen internet security
Get thee sen a firewall
Download one for free
Now theres so many x-rated pop-ups
You can hardly bloomin' think
With every X click you get five more
Your desktop needs a tidy
It'll take till a week next Friday
And wifes here now she wants to talk on Skype
So you tried delete your history
And get rid of all cookies
Calm down your getting sweaty
Whats the rush?
You've left it all too late
Your shared folder was an open gate
Gone and got yourself a big virus
I told ya
Should have had a firewall
Should have had internet security
Should have had a firewall
Download one for free

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